Like a Dragon: Ishin! Just Leveled Up with Epic Guest Stars!

First up, we have the one and only Kenny Omega, a legendary grappler from All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Remember the collective groan from Yakuza fans when Omega wasn’t a guest character in Yakuza 6? Well, Sega heard your pleas! This time, Omega joins the fray as a special Trooper Card. Imagine mowing down samurai hordes with Omega unleashing his signature moves reimagined for the feudal era! Omega himself seems ecstatic about his inclusion, calling it a surreal honor to be immortalized in the game.

From Creepy Preacher to Samurai Sidekick!

The other guest star is Rahul Kohli, an actor you might recognize from the mind-bending Netflix series Midnight Mass. But Kohli’s a hidden Yakuza fanatic (good man!), and now he gets to step out of the shadows and into the action! Just like Omega, he’ll be a playable Trooper Card, allowing you to team him up with Omega for some truly epic samurai showdowns. Who knows what kind of unique abilities Kohli’s character will bring to the battlefield?

Why This is a Game Changer

This guest star announcement is a win-win for several reasons. First, it shows Sega’s dedication to the Like a Dragon community. By bringing in fan-favorite celebrities, they’re demonstrating that they listen to their players. Second, it injects a fresh dose of excitement into the game. The prospect of Omega’s wrestling moves translated into samurai attacks or the unpredictable chaos Kohli’s character might unleash is pure gold for content creators and fans alike.

Bonus Round: Real Wrestlers vs. Video Game Wrestlers

Here’s a little side note for wrestling fans: Omega’s own wrestling game, AEW: Fight Forever, is still stuck in development limbo. Looks like you’ll get your Omega fix in Like a Dragon: Ishin! first. Talk about a double win!

So, what are your thoughts, Yakuza fam? Are you hyped to see these epic guest stars join the fight in Like a Dragon: Ishin!? Let’s hear your wildest theories about their special abilities in the comments below! Maybe Kohli will unleash a flurry of holy hand grenades on unsuspecting enemies? The possibilities are endless!



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