Elden Ring: 2022’s Defining Game and the Evolution of Soulsborne – A Comprehensive Review

Elden Ring’s impact on the gaming landscape is undeniable. FromSoftware’s open-world epic dominated 2022, shattering sales records and sparking constant discussion within the gaming community. Its success lies in expertly expanding the Soulsborne formula, creating a world that’s both awe-inspiring and brutally challenging. This review delves into Elden Ring’s open-world design, the enduring difficulty debate, its captivating atmosphere, and why it continues to fascinate players months after release.

The Open-World Evolution of Soulsborne

FromSoftware games are synonymous with relentless difficulty and linear progression. Elden Ring revolutionized this by introducing the Lands Between, a vast open world teeming with secrets, optional areas, and formidable bosses. Players of all skill levels could forge their own path. Want to test your mettle against Godrick the Golden early on? Go ahead. Prefer exploring, collecting powerful spells, and returning to face him later? The choice was yours. This freedom was key to Elden Ring’s breakout popularity.

The Difficulty Debate: A New Era

Accessibility vs. challenge was a central debate surrounding Elden Ring. While some worried it would lose its Soulsborne identity, others saw an opportunity. The open world allowed for gradual power progression, giving newcomers a fighting chance without compromising the core FromSoftware experience. Players could encounter a nightmarish foe and tactically retreat, returning later with enhanced skills and gear.

A World of Wonder & Absurdity

Elden Ring masterfully blends beauty and brutality. From the celestial vistas of the Siofra River to the grotesque horrors of Caelid, the world demands exploration. It’s punctuated by FromSoftware’s signature absurdity: a giant, melancholic turtle wearing a pope hat, cryptic (and often hilarious) player messages, and the meme-worthy spectacle of battling the imposing Starscourge Radahn atop his comically small horse.

Community, Lore, and Replayability

Elden Ring’s legacy extends beyond its initial release. The game’s intricate lore, cryptic storytelling, and staggering array of weapons, spells, and builds fuel a vibrant online community. Theories surrounding the story are debated passionately, and players continuously discover new strategies and challenges. This depth ensures Elden Ring’s appeal will endure long after players first claim the title of Elden Lord.


Honestly, Elden Ring deserves every bit of hype it gets. This game is something special. It takes the hard-as-nails challenge FromSoftware is known for and drops it into this gorgeous, crazy world that just begs you to explore. Whether you’re a Soulsborne veteran or someone just curious about the fuss, this game delivers. If you love getting your butt kicked (in the best way), exploring weird and wonderful places, or just want a game that’ll stick in your head for weeks, Elden Ring is the one for you.

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